Q. How often should I have my Chimney Swept ?

A. At least once a year,although its recommended that Woodburners are swept twice or more often dependent on use. Gas and oil appliances should be swept yearly.

Q. My chimney is lined and I Have been told that it does not need to be swept any more is this correct ?

A. No – all chimneys need to be swept.

Q. I have a “Vintage” French stove ¬†or¬† I have a old cast Iron cooking range, Can I have it installed ?

A. If the stove has no “history” eg manufacturers details about output in kw, efficiency, etc then it wouldnt be acceptable for Installing under current building regulations. For more details please call.

Q. I have heard that I need an air vent fitted but I dont want one as I dont want draughts in my home,can this be avoided.

A. For stoves over 5kw (and all stoves in recently built homes ) A permanantley open air vent has to be fitted to provide combustion air.

Q. How much does it cost to have a stove fitted ?

A. A site visit is required to determine this.Please contact us for further details.



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