No Fireplace or Chimney ? – No Problem !

Chesney (3)Chesney (4) This client lives in a modern property without a fireplace or a Chimney. She wanted to re create a style that she had in a previous property in London.As well as the stove she also wanted to have a new Fire Surround.

After the initial survey to determine the requirements it was decided that a 6kw stove was suitable with an  Agean Limestone Fire Surround.

This would all sit on a 25mm thick slate hearth. A new Chimney breast was built. Twin wall flue is then used and further Masterboard cladding fitted to exceed the building regulation requirements.

These photographs show the stages from start to finish. The client will paint and decorate when the skim is fully dry.

Work2 023

Brazilian Graphite Slate Hearth is positioned It weighs 194kg ! The Limestone Fire surround is checked to ensure there is no damage.

Work2 040

The stove is unpacked and checked.

Work2 045

The framework is started.The Chimney is Twin Wall 150mm/200mm Flue.

Work2 047

The fireplace is built and clad with 12mm Masterboard.The Stove is positioned so it complies with regulation distances from combustables.

Work2 051

The Fire surround is now fitted.This must be done professionally and the correct fittings used to ensure that it cannot fall and cause injury. After fitting the surround is cleaned,allowed to dry and then treated with two or three coats of stone sealer.This is vital as Limestone will absorb anything that it come in contact with. After a few days the walls can be skimmed and inside the recess painted.The Recess is now clad with 12mm Masterboard. The black flue pipe is sprayed Ivory to match the Stove.

Chesney (5)

After a few days the fireplace is dry and a skim can be applied.

Chesney (3)

The Hearth has now been sealed and the back and sides internally painted black.Once the skim is fully dry the client will paint .

The Client is now completing the decoration

The Client is now completing the decoration